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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

EDIT: Whoops I've been seriously underselling myself and hit burnout because of daily stuff :D That was a mistake. That being said! Everyone who already has a paid slot is going to be receiving a raffle prize basically on par with the previous ones, with some new rules applied around that particular exception effective immediately! 

1 - I'm going to be cutting the "drawing every day" to "drawing every other day" just so I don't lose my mind. I forgot to pace myself and I'm already feeling the effects.

2 - I'm going to be sticking to headshots and busts/waist-ups only! I love you all dearly but I can't bust out a fullbody every other day, it's sapping energy towards what I should be warming up for.

3 - I encourage you to reserve a slot on my official commissions! Not really a rule but if you see a raffle prize here that, because of these new rules you want but can't get, check out my commissions and see if what you're looking for is available there. Added bonus of more flexibility and the low end prices start at only 100:points:!

EyonSplicer and ParanormalEncounter will be receiving their warmup commissions as planned, according to the above rules. Thank you for your patience~

/EDIT :heart:
Secondary minor edit: Any of these that end up with clean lineart or higher will be put into my main gallery, everything else will be put in Scraps. Thank you~

Let's get that old smelly broken computer journal out of the way, sheesh
So some of you might've seen my status post from yesterday throwing around the idea of cheap commissions to help get me motivated to draw. I got enough interest (thank you!) to go through with it so here we go!

This will basically work like a Raffle - You buy a slot and while you are guaranteed to get a drawing, the quality of the art is a gamble - You could catch me on a day when drawing is difficult and I'll only be able to make a minimal sketch type of piece - Cut-mate Kiriban Sketch by MusicalBloodDrop  or on some days I'm on a roll and I'm able to make a really nice, completed piece! Swashbuckler by MusicalBloodDrop 
Its all the luck of the draw! Although I will admit, most of my warmups are closer to this quality than any other: 
Periwinkle highlights by MusicalBloodDrop  Orick is a lovely child by MusicalBloodDrop  Kiriban Prize - Tracey Headshot by MusicalBloodDrop  Cory says thanks by MusicalBloodDrop  New Vort bab by MusicalBloodDrop  Vino in gold by MusicalBloodDrop 

Each ticket with be 50:points: and the slots are unlimited, so don't worry if you don't have enough now - there will always be room later! However there is a bit of a catch - I will only be doing one per day. Obviously I can't do a ton of warmups in one day, that would be kind of silly. These will also be first come, first serve, so while there will be unlimited slots, I will be doing these in order. Since that's the case, you can either pay me upfront or on the day you will be receiving your comm - whichever is more comfortable for you~ Please keep in mind that if payment is not sent you will be moved down the list until you have payed. Thank you~! ^w^

1. cheekythalia  Hello Ladies~ by MusicalBloodDrop
2. ZoologyKaM Peekaboo by MusicalBloodDrop
3. Kodoukat  What a beautiful cupcake by MusicalBloodDrop
4. Mikage-YoshinoAnerin What a view by MusicalBloodDrop
5. Becksters-The-Beast  It's cold out by MusicalBloodDrop
6. EyonSplicer  Them swirly whirly eyes by MusicalBloodDrop
7. ParanormalEncounter  Pride by MusicalBloodDrop
8. HEISMEANDIAMYOU  Blushu by MusicalBloodDrop
9. Xeiv (Paid)
10. EyonSplicer  Suave by MusicalBloodDrop
11. EyonSplicer  If only he could wink by MusicalBloodDrop
12. EyonSplicer  If only the fourth wall wasn't in the way by MusicalBloodDrop
13. MicheleTheChaosCat  Behind those eyes by MusicalBloodDrop
14. KariChibi (Paid)
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Secretly an alien
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Heya! I've been on DA since 2013 and in the Invader ZiM Fandom since 2012! I'm still just a hobbyist artist but I'd love to make it a full-time job someday~ I also have a chronic habit of drawing and never uploading anything, as well as drawing lots of fanart for artists I find neat. Hopefully someday I'll actually get my own characters fully fleshed out <X3
Things you can call me: Blood, MusicalBloodDrop, BloodSoakedCutie, MBD, BSC, Chaxr, Chax, hey you with the face
Things I'd prefer you didn't: My real name, Cutie
I prefer feminine pronouns if you could please :3
If you make it onto my friends list, you'll probably never make it off :heart:

Anyway, very nice to meet you~! ^w^

ALT accounts: :iconbloodoptables: (Temp. Hiatus) :iconbloodemotivational: (Inactive)

Kuun bouncy by MusicalBloodDrop by me
Nequam Bouncy pixel by ProjectHalfbreed by ProjectHalfbreed
oops my hand slipped by Becksters-The-Beast by Becksters-The-Beast
she's iconic | GIF by Becksters-The-Beast by Becksters-The-Beast
:COM: Bouncy Cyclops by KariChibi by KariChibi
[CR] Mona by BadLuckAlice by BadLuckAlice

[ Moe Kitty Motivation ] To-Do List by PrinceProcrastinate
Nothing! :heart:
To-do list 2017Basic skin because it's easier to see
New Year, new To-Do list! I also have a basic To-Do list and a Waiting On list on my profile so feel free to check that out~ If I've missed you either here or there, please let me know! ^w^
Here's my previous To-do list if you'd like to see what else I'd been working on~
Here's what you can expect to see from me for other people in payment for art, adopts, or commissions:
For others:
VarisMoon - Commission 
Gingermom - Commission 
Artist Oblivion - art trade 
Warmup Commissions - (12/13) 
Elorium - AT

[ Mr. Fancy Cat Motivation ] Waiting List by PrinceProcrastinate
Contest Prizes from Mikage-YoshinoAnerin
Comm by Sailor-frickboi (payment not sent)
Holiday comm by ShadowtailsDerol (paid)
Contest Prize from Zmei-Kira
Contest Prize from ToxicMelon
IPP Prize from FortheLoveofKei
Contest Prize from xAquaMelody
Comm by foxy-the-puppet (payment not sent)
Comms by EyonSplicer (paid)
Comm by MischievousHound (paid)

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